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Best places for movie and tv shows lovers

Best places for movie and tv shows lovers

Barcelona Guide

Best places for movie and tv shows lovers

If you love movies and tv shows, Barcelona has plenty of things to offer. With lots of themed bars and restaurants, the city often holds events and exhibitions about the latest shows and movies! This is our ideal itinerary if you would like to explore the city with your favorites stories in mind! Please note…

If you love movies and tv shows, Barcelona has plenty of things to offer. With lots of themed bars and restaurants, the city often holds events and exhibitions about the latest shows and movies! This is our ideal itinerary if you would like to explore the city with your favorites stories in mind!

Please note that some of those events are limited in time, so don’t miss out on anything!

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Coming to Barcelona has many perks, the lively city center, the sun & high temperatures between May & September, the many shops scattered everywhere in the city and many other things. And Barcelona is also one of the major cities of Spain, therefore it’s often chosen as a destination for many movie & tv show franchises to have exhibitions, contests, and official shops. If you’re a movie or tv show fan, there will always be something exciting happening in the city, sometimes even for free!

Let’s kick things off with the Game of Thrones exhibition in Barcelona, the first city to ever host this event! Yes, you read that right. Game of Thrones’ official costumes, weapons and props are available for you to see at this exhibition in Barcelona until the 11th of March! Here since October 27th 2017, the exhibition tour has been extended due to its enormous success, with more than 85 000 visitors in the span of 3 months coming from everywhere in the world. Get your chance to have a look  at the breathtaking costumes and props used in the most famous show of the past decade.

Game of Thrones Exhibition Barcelona


Where: Museu Maritim de Barcelona, Plaça les Drassanes s/n, 08001 Barcelona
How to get there :
Metro: L3 Drassanes / Bus: 120
When: Tuesday – Thursday 10h00 to 20h00 ; Friday – Saturday 10h00 to 21h00 ; Sunday 10h00 to 20h00
Price: starting at 6.50€ and possibility to have Fast Pass tickets


But maybe this exhibition isn’t enough to quench your thirst of Game of Thrones real-life content! Don’t worry. Not far from Barcelona (1h30 by car) is the city of Girona. Why Girona? Well. This city holds many filming spots of the show, the most important one being the Cathedral of Girona, which was used to create the Great Sept of Baelor seen in mostly every season of the show but especially in Season 6 – Episode 10. It’s also the place where Margaery Tyrell had to do her walk of atonement.

However this isn’t the only thing in Girona for you to see regarding Game of Thrones. Many of the city’s streets have been used to create the city of Old Town and mostly every Arya scene during Season 6 as well where she interacts with Jaqen H’ghar many times in Braavos. You’ll find that the best spot is at the Convent de Sant Domènec.


#Stranger Things

There has to be some love for Netflix’s latest gem! If you love Stranger Things, you obviously love the music as well, which has made the show incredibly popular with its 80s vibe. The group S U R V I V E, who made the original soundtrack of the show will hit Barcelona on April 3rd with a special Stranger Things mix. This concert is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the show’s magnificence through its music, brought to you by the official group.


Where: Av. del Paraŀlel, 62, 08001 Barcelona
When: April 3rd – 20h00
Price: 23€ for amphitheatre and 27€ for the main floor

#Star Wars

On March 17th and 18th, don’t miss the chance to experience Star Wars in Concert at the Palau San Jordi. “A new hope” will be played with a symphonic ochestra playing all the music from the movie at the same time. Enjoy the legendary movie that sparked the gigantic phenomenon that is Star Wars today, while listening to the masterpiece of John William’s music.


Where: Passeig Olímpic, 5-7, 08038 Barcelona
When: 17th & 18th of March – 20h30
Price: from 25 to 65€

#Harry Potter

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you HAVE to try this place out. Located in the Eixample district, Pudding is the place to go if you want to take a break from the muggle world and be part of what you love, the wizarding society. This place is entirely decorated to the colors of every houses of Hogwarts, with easter-eggs everywhere. While being a coffee shop, the place is divided in 3 different floors, and a restaurant is also available. The whole place is designed for children, so feel free to go with your family and friends if you feel like it.

Where: Avinguda Diagonal 515
When: everyday from 09h00 to 21h00
Price: you can get coffees, cakes & more

#The Great Gatsby

If you love themed bars that offers quality shows and luxury atmosphere, this is the one for you. Inspired by Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel “The Great Gatsby”, this bar is decorated with the same colors and shapes as the ones you can see in the 2013 version of the movie. The club consists of a large open space divided into different areas, with an elevated platform for performances, located directly behind a cocktail bar at the entrance. A central court dominates the space with sidewalks and a series of private tables organized around.

Where: Carrer de Tuset, 19, 08006 Barcelona
Opening hours: Closed on Monday & Tuesday ; Wednesday & Thursday 21h-02h30 ; Friday & Saturday 21h-03h ; Sunday 19h-00h


If you are a horror movie fan, there is no way you missed the first [REC] movie in 2007, one of the first movie to be filmed with the hand-held camera effect, ever since the BlairWitch Project in 1999. This movie is probably the best of the franchise and guess what? It was filmed in Barcelona! The building in which the movie was filmed is located in the Eixample. Go there to have a look at this famous building!


Rambla de Catalunya, 34, 08007 Barcelona


Barcelona is known for the amount of shops all around the city center, from luxury and designer brands to high street fashion, there’s everything you may need here. But I’m sure you love goodies, and Barcelona has a few stores worth visiting, whether you want to get the Harry Potter backpack of your dreams or maybe the latest comic books! Go to the Arc de Triomf area, and you’ll find a few comics books & collectibles stores next to each other.

If you’re looking for comics books, collectibles, goodies or mangas, head to Norma Comics! They have a huge selection of the latest comics books and mangas.

Where: Passeig Sant Joan, 9, 08010 Barcelona

/! This list will be updated regularly /!

Barcelona is filled with exciting things to see if you love movies, tv shows, comics or anything related! What is YOUR favorite place to visit in Barcelona that isn’t on the list?



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