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Best places to skate in Barcelona

Best places to skate in Barcelona

Stay In Barcelona

Best places to skate in Barcelona

Barcelona is world wide famous for its great skating spots that makes the city and ideal playground for skaters. If you roam the streets of Barcelona, you will for sure see some famous faces around, as they conquer its busy pavement. Here are our top picks of places to skate in Barcelona.MACBAThe first spot that…

Barcelona is world wide famous for its great skating spots that makes the city and ideal playground for skaters. If you roam the streets of Barcelona, you will for sure see some famous faces around, as they conquer its busy pavement. Here are our top picks of places to skate in Barcelona.


The first spot that comes to everyone’s mind when looking for places to skate is for sure the Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona. Not only is it famous locally, but it also appeared in a skate movie during the 90’s, so it is known internationally. There were four stairs that were ideal to do skating tricks, the “MACBA Big Four”, which were featured in Misled Youth, although nowadays there are only three stairs. Everybody, from amateurs to pro skaters, enjoy the iconic scene that is created around this Museum.

Photo by brokenpianooo,  retrieved from MACBA, Plaça dels Àngels, 1, Barcelona, Spain


Montbau is the name of the station that is nearest, but all around this neighbourhood you will be able to find great skating spots. The most famous one is the sculpture park where you will find Sculpture #1, which offers two banks with different steepness, and you can also skate the sides of the sculpture. If you are new to the sport, it may be a bit intimidating but the area has plenty of options. Of course another pro of skating a sculpture is that it makes for great pictures.

Montbau, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Sants Station

If you ever go to Sants Estació in Barcelona, you will definitely see people skating around it, as there are plenty of benches and metal ledges to do tricks on, and even a ramp. It has been a great setting for skateboarding videos, which makes it really crowded. The only problem here is that many of the benches and ledges are a bit worn out, so make sure to check the place out soon enough.

Photo retrieved from

Sants Station, Plaça dels Països Catalans, Barcelona, Spain

Parc Central De Nou Barris

If you like architecture and at the same time are into challenges, this might be the right place. The Parc Central de Nou Barris has complex banks and wooden triangles that sculpt the ground, as well as structures that stick out of it to make things more interesting. This place may be a bit more difficult than the average skating spot, so if you are looking for some new experience or simply improve your tricks, this is the perfect place. The park is also very nice, so it’s a great spot to chill out with your friends, and explore it on your board.

Plaça Major de Nou Barris, 1, Barcelona,Spain


The Fòrum is a great venue mostly known as the place where Primavera Sound Festival happens, but there is a lot more to it than that. When you are riding the Yellow line, if you get off at the Fòrum stop and walk towards the beach, you will see a whole area that was built for the Olympics. Then, several ledges, steps, and more surfaces will star appearing as you continue along, all perfect for skating. There’s also a giant brick wave that can work as a halfpipe. There’s also a small skatepark around, if you prefer that. Plus, the area is great as there is also a swimming pool. great urban art and the perfect view of the sea.

Photo retrieved from

Fòrum, Barcelona, Spain

Maremagnum & Port Vell

The port is a very popular spot with tourists because it’s very nice to see the boats coming in, going for a stroll next to the sea, or just eating some tapas or waffles while you catch some sun. Besides that, it is one of the most popular spots for skaters because of the width of the boardwalk, that gives a lot of space between pedestrians, and the many ledges and benches that are perfect for skating. It’s big favourite around the local crowd.

Edificio Maremagnum, Moll d’Espanya, 5, Barcelona, Spain

Plaça Universitat

Right in the middle of the city at Plaça Universitat, just a couple blocks from the famous Plaça Catalunya, something special occurs. Not only is the place a skating area, but it is also the perfect place to mingle and socialize with people who are into the sport. Whatever you choose to do, be sure everybody will be watching, so maybe try to pull off your best tricks, or just go there and make some friends. Be sure to keep an eye on your things, as it can get pretty crowded.

Plaça de la Universitat, Barcelona, Spain

Photo retrieved from


We must say Barcelona is itself a giant skatepark, filled with benches and ledges that can be used to slide around doing tricks. Besides that, the city has designated some areas particularly for skaters so that they keep out of the streets. Whatever purpose the city has with the creation of skateparks, whether it is to control the influx of skaters or for another matter, the truth is there are some skateparks that are quite decent and some even cool. You can go ahead and try the Mar Bella Skatepark or the Port Olimpic Skatepark, both parks located near the beach. Still, if you are planning on coming, check out what’s going on as they are always building new spaces for skaters.

Photo by Nick Sherman, retrieved from

Barcelona has many open areas that are smooth and that coincidentally have a lot of benches that work as obstacles, making it the perfect city to both skate and socialize. This is what makes the city such a jewel for skaters. If you love skateboarding, you cannot miss coming to Barcelona and going out for some fun on your board!

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